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How to Roll a Blunt in 5 Steps: Beginner-Friendly Guide

Blunts enjoy a significant cultural relevance within the cannabis community, and trying a blunt for the first time is considered as a rite of passage by some stoners. The best way to find out how you feel about blunts is to try them, and the skill of knowing how to roll a badass blunt will look great on your “canna-resumé”.

But what are blunts exactly? In a nutshell, blunts are a King Kong version of joints, and what separates them from their rolling-paper cousins is that blunts have to be crafted with a tobacco wrapping, just like a fine cigar. 

You might also ask yourself, what makes blunts so special? The presence of the tobacco wrap produces a somewhat different high compared to joints, which is usually described as a bit more buzzy and energetic. 

Blunts are also practical for large smoking circles since they burn much slower than joints, making them great for parties and other social occasions. Contrarily, their large size and slow burn makes them unsuited for solo sessions. 

Another crucial feature is that blunts have a very distinctive smell and flavour, and this characteristic makes them very polarizing, since people either adore, or truly loathe blunts. 

Some cannabis enthusiasts smoke blunts with religious zest, basking their senses in the rich cigar notes emanating from the wrapping. Blunt-lovers also tend to enjoy the enhanced “kick” resulting from the combined forces of THC and tobacco. 

On the other hand, some weed aficionados are repelled by their harsh smoke and intense aroma. Some individuals also don’t like their high to be interrupted with the effects of tobacco.

People also avoid blunts because they’re not particularly healthy, since the tobacco wrap contains nicotine.

One thing is certain, blunts are definitely not for the faint of heart. 

There are two main blunt-rolling techniques: you can either use a cigar, hollow it out and craft your blunt, or you can purchase a blunt wrap which typically comes in various exotic flavours. 

How to Roll a Blunt (Beginner-Friendly)?

Rolling a blunt is pretty similar to rolling a joint, although an average blunt is typically a lot larger than your average joint. 

Blunt wraps (especially those “borrowed” from a pre-rolled cigar) are somewhat stiff and inflexible, so it may take a while before you get comfortable with them.

You might not succeed on your first attempt, so it’s best to have a couple of extra wraps by your side in case you fail. 

You’re also going to be needing some weed. For an average-sized blunt you’ll need about 1~2 grams of weed. 

But, if this is your first blunt it’s probably best that you don’t use too much cannabis. A single gram of weed is probably an ideal quantity for your first crack at blunts.

It’s also important to mention that you can’t use a miniscule amount of weed for a blunt, because a small amount will jeopardise the structural integrity of your blunt and make it collapse. 

If you’re planning on rolling a traditional blunt, you’re also going to need a pocket knife (or a razor blade), a grinder, and optionally a rolling tray. 

You’re also going to need a cigar. The hall-of-fame brands used in the process of making blunts include Backwoods, Phillies, Swisher Sweets, Dutch Masters, Black & Mild and White Owl. Blunt enthusiasts usually have a favourite brand, so feel free to experiment until you find the one that suits your personal taste.

On the other hand, if you’re going to roll a blunt with a purchased tobacco wrap, you won’t be needing any cutting equipment.

We’re going to cover each technique individually, since there are a couple of subtle nuances which characterise both of these styles. 

How to Roll a Blunt with a Cigar?

For rolling a blunt with a cigar you’ll need:

    • A cigar
    • A pocket knife (or a razor)
    • A grinder
    • Rolling papers
    • A rolling tray (optional)
    • A large roach (optional)
    • A glass of water (optional)

Once you’ve prepared everything, it’s time for the first phase, which is of course opening and gutting the cigar.

Step 1: Gut the Cigar

Using a sharp pocket knife (or a razor blade), cut a lengthwise incision from the butt of the cigar (the smoking end) right over to the tip. 

Try to cut the cigar over its “vein”, which is the place where the two sides of the wrap meet each other.

Some sources suggest that you can use your hands to open the cigar, but we would advise against it, as it’s downright sloppy, and will make the rolling part much more difficult.

Also, make sure to use a fresh cigar that isn’t dried out, since the wrap of an old cigar will easily break apart and make the entire process frustrating.

Once you’ve opened the cigar, gently separate the tobacco from the wrap with your fingers.

Step 2: Grind the Weed

Using a grinder ensures that your blunt will burn evenly later on, but make sure you don’t overgrind your weed, because having small chunks in the mix will help to facilitate the airflow. 

If you want to remain traditional, you can also crumble the cannabis with your fingers. Although this technique requires a bit more time, it will make your blunt burn slightly slower.

Once you’re done, dump the weed onto a rolling tray, or some other convenient surface. 

Step 3: Prepare the Wrap

Once you’ve opened and emptied out the cigar (and prepared the weed), you should also moisten the wrap to make it soft and easy to handle. 

Make sure you don’t overdo it and get the wrap too wet, because it will fall apart. A small amount of moisture will do the trick just fine. 

You can either lick the wrap (which might be unpleasant), or you can moisten your fingers with water and delicately run them over the wrap. For maximum efficiency, have a glass of water ready nearby.

Step 4: The Rolling

Rolling blunts generally doesn’t imply using roaches, but if you’re used to rolling joints, a roach might make the process a bit easier for you. Once you get the hang of it, you can start rolling your blunts without them.  

Hold the wrap with your non-dominant hand, and distribute the weed across it. Using both hands, gently rock the wrap back and forth, in order to even out the weed. 

Once it’s time to seal the blunt (licking the inside of the exposed edge of the wrap), make sure you use an extra amount of saliva. Wraps are much thicker than rolling papers, and will require additional moisture to stay put. 

If you accidentally cracked a section of the wrap (which should be avoided by using a fresh cigar and moistening the wrap), you can “repair” it later on by gluing a sticky part of a rolling paper on the place where it cracked. 

Step 5: Seal it Shut

This is the final step of blunt-rolling. Since the wrap is still relatively moist, and your saliva is the only thing keeping the blunt together, it’s essential that you seal it shut.

This is achieved by running the flame of a lighter lengthwise over the entire blunt for a minute or two. The method is also known as “baking”. The heat will remove any remaining moisture out of the blunt, making it ready for smoking. 

Just be careful not to hold the flame in one place for too long. This is best avoided by keeping the lighter in constant motion. 

That’s pretty much all there is to it. All you need to do now is fire up that bad boy, and get baked.

How to Roll a Blunt Wrap?

Compared to crafting a blunt with a cigar, rolling a blunt with a “ready-to-use” wrap is much simpler.

First of all, you won’t be needing any cutting equipment. Secondly, since blunt wraps typically come in hermetically-sealed bags, you also won’t have to moisten them.

On the other hand, what’s similar to the cigar-blunt technique is that while you’re rolling, you’ll have to thoroughly lick the wrap in order to close it up. You’ll also need to seal your blunt with a lighter in the end. 

Blunt wraps are a relatively “new” invention (they weren’t around forever), and this makes them much less old-school compared to blunts crafted from a cigar. 

What’s particularly nice about blunt wraps is that they come in a very wide variety of flavours, and this allows you to combine the flavour of your weed with the flavour of the wrap. For instance, a nice citrusy strain like Sour Tangie goes great with a citrus-flavoured blunt wrap. 

How Long Will it Take to Roll a Blunt?

This greatly depends on how skilful you are at rolling in general, but if you’re just starting with blunts, it will probably take you somewhere between 10 and 15 minutes to finish. 

It’s also quite important not to rush with your rolling while you’re still learning, as it will make the entire experience unnecessarily frustrating.

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be rolling top-notch blunts in under five minutes.

We’re now going to cover a couple of blunt-related questions that are frequently asked online.

Can You Roll a Blunt with Just Kief?

Since kief is a true cannabis delicacy, making a blunt with just kief would be a waste. 

Also, a blunt filled with nothing but kief would probably be a bit too potent, since kief has a much larger THC percentage than the strain it was collected from. 

Finally, it would be difficult to smoke a kief-blunt, because its powdery structure would definitely obstruct the much-needed airflow. 

If you’re looking to add kief to your blunt, the best way to go about it is to sprinkle some on your weed, once you’ve already placed the weed in the wrap. 

Can You Roll a Blunt with a Normal Rizla?

The defining characteristic of a blunt is that it’s made with a tobacco wrapping, which makes a blunt impossible to roll with anything else.

Rolling your weed with any type of rolling paper can only result in a joint.

Can you Roll a Blunt with just Fronto?

You can definitely roll a blunt with Fronto leaves, and some people prefer their taste because they’re a bit more natural and less processed.

Cut the Fronto leaf with scissors to a desired size, and the other steps are pretty much the same. You probably won’t have to moisten the leaf (depending on how fresh it is), and once you’ve licked and closed your blunt, make sure you seal the deal by running a lighter over it.

How to Roll a Backwood Blunt?

Backwoods are one of the most popular brands of cigars used for rolling blunts, and you can find all the information on how to roll them in the “How to Roll a Blunt with a Cigar” section of this article. 

How to Roll a Philly Blunt?

Similarly to Backwoods, Phillies are also a very prominent option for blunt crafting. Check out all the necessary info on how to roll your first Philly blunt above in the “How to Roll a Blunt with a Cigar” paragraph.

Now that we’ve got you covered with our step-by-step guide on how to roll a blunt, all you gotta do is start rolling and rise like a rocket.



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