How to Store Weed: The Ultimate Guide

Knowing how to store weed is very important if you want to keep the weed fresh and good for usage.

When weed isn’t properly stored, it can become mouldy or dry which can affect the taste, flavour or potency. Various factors can affect the condition of weed, including bad storing conditions.

Proper weed storage is key to maintaining the quality and freshness of your weed.

In this article, we’ll cover all the factors that affect the quality of cannabis and tips on how to store weed to keep it fresh.

What Can Affect Weed Quality?

In order to understand what are the best options for storing weed, first we’ll take a look at the external factors that affect weed quality.


The amount of moisture in the air can greatly affect stored cannabis. Though determining the golden mean of humidity might be easier said than done, it’s important to mention that neither high nor low humidity levels are good for stored weed.

Neither too high nor too low level of humidity is good for storing weed.

If the level of humidity is too low, trichomes, which are rich in cannabinoids, and terpenes, will break down and that will affect the potency and flavour of the weed.

On the other hand, if weed is exposed to too much humidity, weed can become a home to mould and various bacteria. With this in mind, cannabis consumers should consider the level of relative humidity when determining how to store weed.

The relative humidity (RH) is the amount of moisture in the air compared to the maximum amount of moisture that air can hold at a specific temperature. It is advisable to keep relative humidity (RH) between 59% and 63%.

The relative humidity (RH) should be between 59% and 63%. 

It’s rather inconvenient to measure the exact level of RH every time when you store cannabis. However, there are various products on the market specially designed for cannabis storage that keep the amount of humidity at an optimum level (e.g. humidity packs).


Similar to humidity, too much or too little air exposure can damage the weed. Excessive air exposure will lead to the degradation of cannabis due to the naturally occurring process of oxidation.

On the contrary, poor air circulation can affect the relative humidity and can lead to the appearance of mould and bacteria.


A study from 1970 has shown that exposure to light can be one of the biggest threats when it comes to storing weed.

The reason lies in the fact that UV light can cause the weed to break down which then affects the potency of the weed. That’s why weed should be kept in tinted containers and dark places.


Another important factor that should be considered when choosing the options for storing cannabis is temperature.

High temperature is another cannabis storage nemesis. When air is too hot, it holds more moisture which is not good for cannabis, since it can lead to mold and mildew.

Also, it is not a good idea to freeze cannabis because low temperature will slow down the process of decarboxylation (the process of activating THC), making the weed less potent.

Ideal temperature for storing cannabis is between 32° and 68°F.

Many of these factors are interrelated so it is best to consider them all at once, and not to focus only on one when choosing a proper place and packaging for weed storage.

Best Way to Store Weed

Usually, weed comes in airtight, moisture proof and lightproof packaging. However, this is not always the case, and sometimes cannabis users don’t store cannabis in its original package.

Weed should be kept in a cool, dry and dark place, away from direct sunlight.

To help consumers choose the right storing option, we made a list of packages in which weed should be stored to keep its freshness.

Vacuum-Sealed Jars

The most common example of weed storing packages are vacuum-sealed jars.

They are made out of glass so there is no static electricity like in the case of plastic containers. Plastic containers can produce static electricity that can cause trichomes to fall off.

Most glass jars are transparent so you should keep them in a dark place. The other option is to find a tinted mason jar that is lightproof. Also, make sure to choose a jar with a wide mouth so you can place weed nicely into the jar.

Containers With Airtight Seals

Ceramic, glass or concrete containers with airtight seals are also good options for storing weed.

They can be found in different sizes and tinted options. Since they are airtight and smell proof, they will keep the weed fresh and your room free from odour.

Plastic Tinted Jars With Airtight Seals

Plastic tinted jars with airtight seals can be used for storing weed, but only as a temporary solution when you are on the go.

They are tinted and hermetically sealed, so light and air can’t affect the weed. However, static charge from the plastic can harm the trichomes, so it can only be used as a short-term storing solution.

How Not to Store Weed?

Finally, let’s talk about plastic bags. Although they are probably the first thing that comes to mind when the question of how to store weed arises, plastic bags are an example of how not to store weed for several reasons.

Plastic bags can be very tight which can cause trichomes to fall off and also there is a problem with the static charge that we mentioned earlier.

Plastic bags are not airtight, so the air and moisture can easily make the weed go bad and affect the flavour and the potency of the buds.

Furthermore, most of these bags are not smell proof and can’t prevent the spread of the pungent weed odour. This can be a big problem for anyone who doesn’t like or simply doesn’t want to have a weed smell in their room. 

To conclude, when choosing between numerous options for storing weed, always remember to keep weed in a cool, dry and dark place, away from direct sunlight.



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1. Please consume responsibly.
2. When canning any food at home (e.g. cannabutter or canna-oil) you should be very careful since there can be a risk of the appearance of toxin that can lead to botulism, a very serious illness. This happens when food is canned, processed, stored or handled. Bacteria that cause botulism can very quickly grow in cannabis edibles that are made at home. Bacteria can cause botulism poisoning which is a very serious illness that affects the body’s nerves and produces serious health consequences.

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