5 Hilarious April Fools Pranks: Stoner Edition 

In these hectic times, genuine laughter is something we all need. So, well-planned and creative April Fools pranks that won’t hurt anyone, but only produce waves of laughter and good energy are always desirable.

Pulling pranks is the main activity for many people on the first day of April. On this day, people traditionally like to make jokes and prank their family members and friends.

It’s not a rare case that people take this day seriously and devote their time to planning a good prank. Some even plan weeks, or even months before the 1st of April. The anticipation to implement their plan and see the reactions to it brings them joy.

If you don’t have a lot of time for coming up with prank ideas, we made a list of suggestions on how to spend this day and make it funnier. Let’s take a look.

1. Fake Bug Prank

For this prank, you will need a bug-shaped sticker or a fake, plastic bug that can be attached to the lampshade.

If you can’t find a sticker, you can use a self-adhesive tape to attach the plastic bug to the lamp’s surface. We leave the choice of the type of bug to your creativity.

All this needs to be done carefully and secretly.

A bug-shaped sticker, a plastic bug and a lampshade is all you need for this prank.

Once you are in the same room with the person you want to prank, ask them to pass you something from the area where the lamp is, or simply to turn on the lamp.

Have in mind that people with a very big fear of bugs won’t find this funny, but for others, this could be a good moment of laughter.

2. Legendary Quarter Coin Prank

We can all agree that this prank is old but gold. Although many people know about this prank, somehow lots of them fall for it again, out of curiosity.

People still keep falling for this old, but gold prank.

Glue a coin on the surface of the floor and wait for the reaction of your friends when they try to pick it up, but fail.

If you are worried that the glue will harm your floor, use thin self-adhesive tape instead of glue, and choose tiles rather than a wooden floor to pull this April Fools trick.

3. Cheese Oreos

When cannabis munchies hit, it is difficult to resist the sweets, especially when it comes to delicious oreo cookies.

But what about Oreos with vegetable cream cheese instead of delicious white cookie cream?

For this April Fools day prank, take some disposable gloves, separate the two sides of each oreo cookie, remove the white cookie cream and spread the vegetable cream cheese on the oreo biscuit instead. Now put both halves together to look like real Oreos.

Cream cheese oreos are not something one would when the munchies hit.

Serve cookies to friends and wait for the reaction. This prank will probably make everyone laugh when they figure out that something is different with the cookies.

4. Vanished Bud 

This is an easy, but effective prank for the time when friends are gathering for a smoking session. It doesn’t require any preparation ahead.

Just before the joint is rolled, one person can secretly hide the cannabis bud that needs to be put into the joint and wait for the reaction of the person who is supposed to roll a joint.

A smoking session is not a smoking session without a bud.

Usually, all the gear for rolling is already on the table – grinder, rolling papers, and weed. So when the person who is preparing a joint isn’t looking, you can hide the bud. 

Looking for a bud can be hilarious, but at the same time amusing for everyone.

5. The Sweet Power of Dual Remote

Remember the episode of Friends when Joey thought that he can change channels by blinking? Of course, we all know that Monica was unintentionally turning the switcher on and off, since she didn’t know what the switcher was for. Hilarious, right?

By downloading a universal remote app on your phone you can easily mess with someone’s TV and play this prank.

Secretly changing channels or turning the TV off can make both you and your friends laugh.

Changing channels, turning the volume down, or even switching off the TV secretly while you and your friends are baked can bring mystery and laughter during your hanging out time.


Hopefully, you liked our Fools Day prank ideas, and that we made it easier for you to prank friends and laugh together.

In the end, it is good to know that not all people like pranks, so think through before pulling any of them. April Fools is all about laughter, and no one wants to seriously upset or frustrate their friends.

Remember, this day is about laughing and having a good time. 

Happy April Fools Day!


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