10 Amazing Stoner Gifts For Weed Lovers

Finding a perfect gift for your loved ones can be tough and sometimes overwhelming. Searching for astonishing stoner gifts for a weed enthusiast, can be even more complicated, especially if you’ve already gifted them with everything you can think of.

To give you a hand and help you out with choosing the perfect gift for a pothead in your life, we compiled a list of interesting marijuana-related gifts. Check it out.

1. Minimalistic and Elegant Grinder

A good grinder is something that every cannabis consumer needs. Owning a grinder allows weed lovers to break the flowers into small, fine pieces very fast and easy, without getting their fingers sticky.

Krush Grinder has specially designed teeth that will fluff cannabis while grinding. Simple and elegant, this grinder is ergonomically shaped to fit the hand perfectly. Krush Grinder is an essential tool, and an ideal stoner gift for any cannabis user.

2. Homemade Weed Brownies in Colorful Container

There is something very special about DIY presents. The fact that they are made by hand, and that someone invested their time and effort in crafting them makes the person who receives them feel special. Homemade weed brownies packed in holiday-themed containers can be a great gift for someone who uses cannabis, but also likes sweets.

All you need is to follow a simple weed brownie recipe and decorate them with rainbow crunch chips. When the sweets are ready, place them in a beautiful container and write a personal note for the giftee.

3. Soft Choom Sweatshirt 

We can all agree that sweatshirts have become a very popular piece of clothing in the last two years. Not only are sweatshirts versatile, and easily combined with any style, but they are also very comfortable

Cotton-poly blend sweatshirt from Choom brings the best from both materials making this sweatshirt soft, cozy and breathable. Because of its lean design, it is easily combined, and it can be worn both as a cozy homeware, and as a part of the night-out outfit. This is one of the best stoner gifts for a cannabis fashionista.

4. HMP Glass Joint

For all stoners who don’t like to roll cannabis when they want a quick solo session, this could be the perfect gift. HMP Glass Joints are convenient, super easy to use, and they come in five different colours.

5. Arizer Vaporizer

Portable vaporizers are thoughtful presents for cannabis consumers who like to use weed when they are on the go. Arizer Digital Air II has a stylish, discreet design and it is covered with silicone skin that offers protection for this portable device. It has a digital display that allows the user to easily set the right temperature, and comes with different attachments for a better vapourizing experience.

6. Bhang Cannabis Chocolate

You can’t go wrong if you choose cannabis chocolate as a gift for cannabis lovers. There are numerous recipes for making weed chocolate at home, but if you’re simply not into baking, store-bought sweets can come in handy.

This mouthwatering edible with chocolate and caramel flavour contains rich 75% cocoa. It has 10mg of both THC and CBD, and comes in a pack of four pieces. All this makes it a good candidate for a present for your special person.

7. Pre-Roll Protector

This TrueToke pre-roll protector is a great case for keeping and carrying pre-rolled blunts and joints. Made from high-quality material and with an airtight seal, it keeps the aroma inside, and prevents weed odour from spreading. The minimalist design and gun powder colour give an elegant note to this accessory, so it is not only practical but also a beautifully designed gift.

8. Lapis Lazuli Crystal Pipe

For cannabis users who are into gemstones, this hand pipe is a perfect match. It is handcrafted, made from high-quality, lapis lazuli stone. This durable, blue shade pipe is one of the stoner gifts that will last.

9. Bath Bombs by Stewart Farms 

Is there anything better than taking a warm bath after a long, hectic day? Baths are a favourite relaxing self-care ritual for many people.

These bath bombs made from three weed strains: Blue Dream, Chocolate Hush Berry and Bubba Kush can complement any bath.

10. Rolling Tray

Preparing cannabis for a smoking session can get messy because the small particles of marijuana flower can scatter around, all over your table and even on the floor. Rolling trays offer a clean, flat surface for preparing cannabis and they are designed to keep all your smoke supplies.

Made from a durable material, and easy to clean, this extremely practical accessory will keep all the things tidy and in one place.

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This group of friends loved to indulge in Pakalolo (noun: the Hawaiian word for cannabis) – or as locals called it: Choom. They named themselves the “Choom Gang” and would go on to influence our world as successful lawyers, entrepreneurs, and even the 44th president of the United States.

But back then, it was never about the future, it was about good people sparking ideas, sharing adventures, and cultivating good times.


1. Please consume responsibly.
2. When canning any food at home (e.g. cannabutter or canna-oil) you should be very careful since there can be a risk of the appearance of toxin that can lead to botulism, a very serious illness. This happens when food is canned, processed, stored or handled. Bacteria that cause botulism can very quickly grow in cannabis edibles that are made at home. Bacteria can cause botulism poisoning which is a very serious illness that affects the body’s nerves and produces serious health consequences.

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