Cold Creek Kush: The Mellow Bud

Cold Creek Kush from Redecan is a stunning Indica dominant hybrid (70% Indica and 30% Sativa), with THC levels ranging from 15% to 20% THC.

This strain is grown in the Niagara region of Ontario, and it’s a powerful cross of two Colorado strains, MK Ultra and Chemdawg 91.

Cold Creek Kush is a potent Indica dominant cross with THC levels ranging from 15% to 20%.

It was originally created by renowned Amsterdam-based breeders T.H. Seeds, one of the oldest weed companies in the world. The fellow company is dedicated to the preservation of cannabis genetics and the creative inspiration behind many of the coolest strains on the market today.

Cold Creek Kush won second place at the 2010 High Times Cannabis Cup, in the prestigious Indica category.

Thanks to the fame of the parent strains, Cold Creek Kush is immensely popular among cannabis aficionados.

Cold Creek Kush Appearance 

The buds of this strain are usually very dense, and have a light olive-like hue with bright amber trichomes.

Similarly to other Indica dominant varieties, Cold Creek Kush also has very noticeable pistils, which cover the entire surface of the bud like a coating of tiny yellowish hairs. 

Cold Creek Kush Taste and Aroma

The most prominent terpenes of this strain include pinene, nerolidol, caryophyllene, linalool and limonene, that collectively give Cold Creek Kush a rich earthy, woody and herbal aroma, with a hint of pine-like sourness.

Cold Creek Kush is an earthy and herbal strain with pungent, yet sweet aroma.

As for the taste, it is considerably pungent and dank, combined with subtle notes of sweetness and spiciness.

Cold Creek Kush Effects 

The effects of this Indica dominant strain are well balanced, and can be described as quite relaxing, but without being too calming.

When Cold Creek Kush is smoked or vaped, the high generally tends to lag a little bit, so it’s important to give this strain adequate time to start its magic. 

Cold Creek Kush is potent and relaxing strain with prolonged onset time.

Since it’s considerably potent, individuals prone to THC-induced anxiety should consume this strain in moderation, keeping in mind that Cold Creek Kush requires an extended period of time to start working. 

The first ray of effects is harmoniously mellow and soothing, and later down the line the pure Indica part of the high will gradually take over.

Cold Creek Kush Growing Requirements

The flowering period of Cold Creek Kush ranges between 9 and 11 weeks, and even though it’s an Indica dominant hybrid, this strain gets pretty tall, requiring a lot of vertical room to grow. 



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1. Please consume responsibly.
2. When canning any food at home (e.g. cannabutter or canna-oil) you should be very careful since there can be a risk of the appearance of toxin that can lead to botulism, a very serious illness. This happens when food is canned, processed, stored or handled. Bacteria that cause botulism can very quickly grow in cannabis edibles that are made at home. Bacteria can cause botulism poisoning which is a very serious illness that affects the body’s nerves and produces serious health consequences.

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