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Tangerine Dream: A Sweet and Citrusy Strain

Tangerine Dream is a very potent strain with high THC and low CBD levels. Its common THC content is around 22%, but it can go up to 25%. 

This popular and well-known Sativa-dominant hybrid strain is bred from three different strains: G-13, Afghani (both strong Indicas) and Neville’s Haze strain (a potent Sativa strain).

Tangerine Dream is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain with high THC and low CBD levels.

Most abundant terpenes, which give Tangerine Dream its exotic and interesting flavour, are beta-caryophyllene, guaiol, limonene, myrcene, and trans-caryophyllene.

Tangerine Dream was created by Barney’s Farm (a seed company from Amsterdam) and, because of its unique characteristics, it won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2010.

Tangerine Dream Appearance

Tangerine Dream has fluffy, green buds covered with luminous orange and light brown hairs. Plenty of trichomes cover the surface of the buds, creating a frosty, crystal-like appearance.

This medium-sized plant has green buds covered with bright orange-brown hairs and frosty trichomes.

Tangerine Dream is a medium-height plant with bottle green leaves that can even have traces of purple colour. It grows as a bushy plant with a medium-size height of about 100cm.

Tangerine Dream Taste and Aroma

As its name implies, the most dominant flavours within this strain are citrusy, fruity notes, accompanied by sugary undertones. 

Tangerine Dream aroma is sweet, citrusy orange, and the flavour is citrusy and creamy with earthy undertones.

The smell is intense with sweet, orange aromas with a hint of sourness.

Its unforgettable taste can be explained as citrus creamy with an earthy aftertaste.

Tangerine Dream Effects

Due to its high THC levels and a very low amount of CBD this strain gives a potent high, providing uplifting but also relaxing effects.  

Tangerine Dream is a well balanced hybrid that offers both relaxing, and uplifting feelings.

Consumers usually describe it as a daytime strain because it induces energetic, happy feelings.  Since it is a hybrid strain, it provides effects from both Sativa and Indica genetics. Tangerine Dream strain can be described as a nice balance between active buzz and relaxing feelings.

Tangerine Dream Growing Requirements

This big-yield strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

For outdoor growing, this plant requires regular exposure to sunlight accompanied by warm and dry conditions.

Tangerine Dream requires regular exposure to light and warm, dry conditions.

The best time for harvest when it is cultivated outdoors is late October. On the other hand, when grown indoors it takes approximately 8-10 weeks to flower.

Although it is very disease-resistant, this strain is moderately difficult to grow. 


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